Tenkara Fly Fishing


Tenkara is new to us here in the US, in just the past few years.Tenkara was introduced to me through Daniel Galhordo of Tenkara USA who invited us to go in search of Tenkara. Tenkara is a traditional Japanese way of fly fishing centuries old. Tenkara ia a great way to catch trout in both small and large streams it is a great way to get out and become part of the river. Tenkara is best done wade fishing and that is the way we do Tenkara trips. As Daniel says "Tenkara can be a either just a tool or used as a complete method". There are many ways and techniques to use Tenkara dry flies, swinging soft hackles, nymphing. It can be as simple as a rod and a single fly pattern that you use, dry, wet or swinging. I really got into Tenkara in 2010 and have spent many days on the local rivers and streams in my search for Tenkara. I have used many methods with Tenkara to catch trout here in East Tennessee. I can say it is a great way to catch trout, the longer rods, no fly line and no reel make it a simple great way to chase our local trout. I find my self doing a good bit of my personal fishing Using Tenkara rods and techniques. I love to leave all the boats, fly boxes, and other goodies and gadgets that you don't really have to have to catch trout behind and wet wade into one of our small mountain streams in the summer in search of our beautiful mountain trout. Book a wade trip with us and tell us you want to go Tenkara fishing and start your own search for Tenkara. Tenkara is simple, fun, and addictive. Call or email us today to start your search.

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